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What’s inside
Cruelty Free Weekly

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Best Vegan News

You will receive the latest and most interesting vegan news in your mailbox. We cover health, nutrition, fitness, animal advocacy, new vegan products… Pretty much everything that is cruelty free!


Recipes, recipes and more recipes

Vegans like to eat! And we know you won’t settle for mediocre adapted omni dishes. We will hand curate the best vegan recipes of the week and send them to you. Only yummy stuff, we promise!


And much more…

But that’s not all. We want to make sure you don’t miss any major information in the vegan world. We do the reading and give you the best. One email a week!

One Email
Every Friday
That’s it!

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This is really useful. I hope a lot of people will read it and turn vegan or convert their friend and families to a cruelty free lifestyle. We should all be friends! Bah…


The Sheep

I love Cruelty Free Weekly ….
John Doe

Fulltime Vegan

Hey, we just launched! More Real testimonials coming soon.

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Cruelty Free Weekly is a curated vegan newsletter. Each Friday we send out our weekly issue. We cover vegan news, recipes, health, nutrition and much more!

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